A plumbing company, a mechanist, and a landscaper are all down on their luck. It sounds like the beginning of an excellent “dad joke?” But these companies reported symptoms of a middling workforce: lower productivity, increased accidents, absenteeism, and higher turnover. And, as it turns out, these symptoms are typical of a gap in workplace policy, namely a bad or non-existent drug testing policy.Medical professional holding test tubes

If you recall the article title, you may have already guessed that these companies were candidates to study the effects of drug testing in the workplace. The characteristics that plagued our participants are typical of underdeveloped company drug policies; they weren’t necessarily the “bad seeds,” but more of a cross-section of industries with various sized gaps in their drug programs.

The results of this and other studies have been generally uniform in measuring drug testing’s effects on metrics like workplace happiness, safety, and profits and losses. Looking at the data for these and other companies, we can look at ways that certain drug testing policies might affect your company.


Read the full article on the COSE website here, and learn which factors should be considered regarding drug testing of employees, including:

  • The cost of not testing
  • Types of testing
  • Job satisfaction
  • The bottom line


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