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The attorneys of Gertsburg Law record podcasts and radio interviews with the intent of making Business Law and Estate Planning more accessible to the public and the community.


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Legal Talks with the Attorneys of GLF

These short legal discussions cover issues relevant to business owners and consumers in real terms.

  • Buying a FranchiseChris Zirke discusses factors to consider when deciding whether to buy a franchise, and the steps to take before becoming a franchisee, in this first part of our series on franchise ownership.
  • After the Franchise Agreement: What can you expect after making the decision to buy a franchise? Learn about important terms to negotiate from Chris Zirke, as he discusses the balance between franchisees, landlords, franchisors in the lease negotiation.
  • Human Resources and Your New Franchise: Chris Zirke reviews the nuances of managing employees for franchise owners: how to properly classify employees, the importance of accurate job descriptions, and why it is essential to have and maintain an Employee Handbook.
  • Essential Clauses in Contracts: Learn the basics of contracts from Max Julian, including which provisions must be included in an enforceable contract and why each one is important.
  • Restrictive Covenants: Max Julian walks us through Restrictive Covenants such as Confidentiality, Non-Compete Agreements, and others.
  • Real Estate Leases: Are you sure your real estate lease is valid and enforceable? When does it need to be notarized? Should you have an attorney involved? Gain more confidence in your lease agreements in this talk with Gene Friedman.
  • S-Corps and LLCs: How is an S-Corp different than other LLCs? Gene Friedman explains why operating agreements, proper loan documentation, and shareholder salaries are so important, and how managing these well will ensure benefits to an S-Corp’s shareholders such as tax incentives and liability protections.
  • The Forum Selection Clause: If there is a disagreement over a contract, where would it be adjudicated? Litigation Attorney Nick Weiss discusses why the Forum Selection Clause is important and how ignoring it can cost you money.
  • Medical Marijuana and Your Business: Nick Weiss provides a quick overview on how will the legalization of Medical Marijuana will affect Ohio business owners, including employee drug policy and rules for doing business with new providers.
  • Estate Planning 101: Get the basics on estate planning in this overview with Mark Turner, partner and head of the Gertsburg Law Firm’s Estate Planning practice. In this conversation, he covers the essential documents you should have in your estate plan and why they’re important.


CEO Alex Gertsburg has been featured as a guest on the following podcasts and radio programs:

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The State of Business with the Ohio Society of CPAs: In this episode, Alex explains how accounting professionals can do their best to avoid being sued.


Dirty Secrets of Small Business logoDirty Secrets of Small Business: Alex discusses his professional journey, perspective gained from inside big law firms and as general counsel, why CoverMySix, a military approach to protecting your business, and more.


Sliced Apple Growth Partners logo

Sliced – Episode 35: How to “Lawyer-Proof” Your BusinessIn this interview, Alex explains how being proactive can keep your business out of the courtroom, and offers some examples of low-hanging fruit in this program by Apple Growth Partners.


Elite Experts Network Soar to Success Magazine logo

Soar to Success Podcast: Alex shares his story and his innovative program called “CoverMySix”. The accompanying article in the August 2019 Soar to Success Magazine can be found here.


Multiplier Mindset with Dan Sullivan logo

Multiplier Mindset® with Dan Sullivan: In the podcast episode titled “How This Lawyer Gained The Confidence To Turn His Competitors Into Loyal Clients with Alex Gertsburg”, Alex shares how a breakthrough shift in thinking and confidence in his business gave him the courage to defy his industry’s norm.


Accelerate You Business Growth podcast logo

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Diane Helbig is a podcast designed to help small business owners, salespeople, and aspiring entrepreneurs with the various aspects of business success. On this episode, Alex discusses ways for business owners and entrepreneurs to “Stay Out of Court”.


Law Firm Excellence LogoGrowing Rapidly Through Innovative Business Practices — In this podcast, Alex was interviewed by Law Firm Excellence about how he came to lead a law firm and what makes his firm different.


WJCU 88.7 logoMinding Your Business is a radio show hosted by DB Hegler on WJCU 88.7 that examines topics related to small business, working with coworkers, and the ins-and-outs of how to be successful in the business world. In the episode on Salary Transparency, Alex answers questions about what can, and can’t, be shared when it comes to how much you make in the workplace [16:30].