“Mind Your Cannabusiness with Nick Weiss” is a series of legal talks, each focusing on a different sector of the expanding cannabis industry in Ohio, including medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD.


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Cannabis leaf

Part 1 – Guide for Ohio Employers

What Ohio Employers need to know about running their business in light of Ohio’s legalization of medical marijuana. Topics covered include crafting a drug policy, employer rights, and the pros and cons of a zero tolerance policy.


Hand holding an illustrated dollar sign with cannabis plants in the background

Part 2 – Guide for Ancillary Businesses

The opportunities and risks for anyone doing business directly with a medical marijuana business. Entrepreneurs from a range of industries can benefit from the burgeoning market, including packaging, transportation, security, HR, and other services, and will want to listen to get informed.


Hemp seeds and leaves in a bowlPart 3 – Ohio’s Hemp Laws

Find out what’s happening with hemp legislation and why this is an exciting time to be involved, whether you’re a grower, a producer, or anyone that uses hemp material. Nick shares important information for entrepreneurs about getting involved, protecting your business, and where to find support.


Front window of Medical Marijuana dispensary sign and open signPart 4 – Guide for Dispensary Owners

The facts on how to start a medical marijuana dispensary in Ohio, rules to follow, resources to help you, and the policies you need to have in place as a business owner. The potential for profit in this industry is enormous, but only if you do it right.


cannabis plants growing in greenhouse on shelvesPart 5 – Guide for Cultivators

Prospective growers have to be aware of many rules by the Department of Commerce and other regulatory bodies. Get an overview of what cannabis cultivators in Ohio need to know to play the game, as well as consequences for breaking the rules and how to stay out of trouble.


Future installments of this series will be focused on what you should know if you are a cultivator or processor. Want us to feature an area of the industry in a future episode? Have questions you want answered? Send a message to info@gertsburglaw.com.


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Headshot of Nicholas Weiss, Esq.Nicholas Weiss uses his years of experience in civil litigation, and his in-house advisory experience, to assist both businesses and individuals in pursuing and defending their interests, and obtaining the best possible outcomes for his clients.  He is currently an Instructor of Medical Marijuana Law and Policy at Cleveland School of Cannabis, and can be reached at The Gertsburg Law Firm by calling 440-528-1233 or sending a message to nweiss@gertsburglaw.com.


The Gertsburg Law Firm produces these Legal Talks to give insight into legal issues for non-lawyers and to share our experience with the community. The contents of this interview are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.


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