The attorneys of Gertsburg Law are available to speak at client locations and trade organizations on both legal and non-legal topics. We provide training, seminars, and talks on diverse topics. Additional presentations not listed on this page can be designed by request. If you would like one of our attorneys to speak to your organization, please contact our marketing team at

Headshot of Alex Gertsburg, Esq.
Alex Gertsburg, Esq.

How to Stay out of Court: Everyone knows how painful lawsuits are.  They’re time-consuming, energy-consuming, distracting and expensive.  Here’s a dirty little secret that every lawyer knows:  most business lawsuits and investigations, or exposure from them for damages, fines and expenses, are entirely preventable if a company follows some simple pre-emptive steps.  This seminar is intended to pass along my proven strategies for saving companies boat-loads of money both inside and outside the courts.

Other topics presented by Alex Gertsburg

  • Bulletproofing Your Contracts
  • How to Save a Ton of Money on Legal Fees
  • Negotiate Like A Pro
  • Non-Competes, Trade Secrets
  • Employee and Company Investigations
  • Litigation – How To Avoid It and What To Do When You Can’t


Headshot of Max Julian, Esq.
Max Julian, Esq.

It’s a Deal: Contracts and Your Business: Without contracts, there would be no commerce, no insurance, and no order in society. As a business owner, or anyone involved in transactions for sale of goods, contracts are a necessity. But what must be included in a contract, and which forms of contracts are enforceable? Find out the answers in this presentation, and learn about the different types of contracts, when an unwritten contract is binding, and what components are necessary in a contract.

Other topics presented by Max Julian

  • Your Secret’s Safe with Me: The Facts about Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Businesses Have Rights, Too: First Amendment Protection for Your Company 
  • Commercial Law and Negotiable Instruments
Headshot of Gene Freidman, Esq.
Gene Friedman, Esq.

Additional topics presented by Gene Friedman

  • Choosing a Business Name
  • Business Contracts – essential provisions  
  • LLCs – Formation and Pitfalls



Previous Speaking Engagements:

“Protecting the Value of Your Business”, Alex Gertsburg, Skoda Minotti Owners’ Roundtable, September 2019: This full-day, interactive workshop designed for business owners who want to maximize the value of their businesses and exit on their terms explores the 5 Stages of Value Maturity, with Alex giving a talk on protecting the value of your business.

“Estate Planning 101”, Mark Turner, Private Company, June 2019: Mark spoke with company employees on the topic of “The most important documents you need right now”.

“Starting and Running Your Law Firm: Tips, Practice Management Tools, Cost Controls, Staffing Options, and More”, Alex Gertsburg, CMBA Small & Solo Expo, September 2018: Alex joined a panel of experts to speak at this CMBA expo with a focus on “Gaining Traction – Driving Your Practice Forward”.

“How to Stay out of Court”, Alex Gertsburg: In this seminar Alex passes along proven strategies for saving companies boat-loads of money both inside and outside the courts.

“Leadership in the Face of Change”, Alex Gertsburg, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, March 2019: Alex was invited to join a panel discussion for Emerging and Established Leaders of the CMBA Leadership Academy

“My Volunteer Did What?!?!”, Mark Turner, Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues For Today’s Non-Profit, September 2017: Volunteers cannot be managed or controlled the way an employee can. By using volunteer guidelines, background checks, and smart management, an NPO can protect itself against well-intentioned, but wayward volunteers. 

“The Potential Pitfalls of Not Complying with Consumer Law”, Mark Turner, Better Business Bureau, May 2017: Mark discussed consumer law at the BBB Business @ Breakfast. 

“Bulletproofing Your Contracts”, Alex Gertsburg, BizConCle, October 2016:  Alex sheds light on the key elements of business contracts – from understanding thresholds to the various types of contracts a business may enter into.

“What to Do When it Hits the Fan” Alex Gertsburg and Bruce Hennes of Hennes Communications, August 2016:  Alex and Bruce discuss how to protect and defend your business both inside and outside the courtroom when facing a crisis.