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Why our Clients are Satisfied: Hear directly from our clients why The Gertsburg Law is the business law firm you’ve been looking for.


CoverMySix Legal Audit Service: CM6 is a unique, confidential, attorney-led company legal audit that identifies and then addresses the six areas most likely to cause you legal exposure for damages, fines, and attorneys’ fees. Depending on your particular business, those areas are typically: Insurance, Employment Practices, Corporate, Information Technology, Customer Contracts, Relations and Marketing, and Vendor Contracts. Visit www.covermysix.com to learn more about how to protect your business from lawsuits with this brand-new service.


3(ish) Minutes: New Trends in Law Firm Billing – The Gertsburg Law Firm is the first all value-billing business law firm in Northeast Ohio.  This means we bill for our work product and our results, not the amount of time we spend on it. Alex Gertsburg sat down with Steve Millard of COSE to explain innovative new billing strategies that law firms and their clients are using. Watch this short video to learn about ways to save money on your legal expenses.


GLF Legal Seminars

A Brave New World: Strategic and Legal Issues for Today’s Non-Profit, September 12, 2017

CROWDFUNDING: THE NEW FRONTIER IN FUNDRAISING, presented by Nate Haskell. We all hear a lot about crowdfunding and how much it can do for non-profits, but how much of that is hype, and what does it take to get a crowdfunding campaign in motion, let alone successful?  This session will cover the state of crowdfunding and some basic legal and logistical considerations for getting a campaign launched.  But most importantly, we’ll discuss the importance of “why” – for you, for your donors, and for your organization and its mission.


MY VOLUNTEER DID WHAT?!?! presented by Mark Turner. Volunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organizations. However, volunteers cannot be managed or controlled the way an employee can. By using volunteer guidelines, background checks, and smart management, an NPO can protect itself against well-intentioned, but wayward volunteers. These same types of procedures should also be utilized for employees.

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