Chagrin Falls and Cleveland Business Lawyers Assisting with Transactional and Litigation Needs

Using real-world business experience to provide a full range of legal services across a wide variety of commercial sectors

Gertsburg Law is a full-service business firm with attorneys with decades of hands-on business experience. Our lawyers have worked as in-house counsel and run their own businesses. Companies in Northeast Ohio can rely on our lawyers to provide legal advice on business transaction issues from the time of formation and development through growth and expansion. We have given counsel to companies that work in telecommunications, healthcare, banking, insurance, technology, automotive sales, food service, hotels, apartments, and many other service and industry sectors.

Our Cleveland business transaction and litigation attorneys provide services at affordable rates. Gertsburg Law is the first all-value billing law firm in the region. We take a proactive approach by counseling our business clients about the steps they can take to be ahead of the curve financially and to protect themselves legally. When disputes cannot be resolved, we fight aggressively before government agencies, in front of arbitrators and in state and federal trial courts.

Helping to ensure smooth business transactions

Our attorneys counsel businesses on all aspects of daily operations, business expansion, hiring the best talent, and every issue that can help the company perform above expectations and serve the community. Some of the common types of business transaction issues our Cleveland and Chagrin Falls business lawyers handle are:

  • Choosing the right business entity and forming the business
  • Counseling on mergers and acquisitions
  • Helping companies with their labor relations with management and employees
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts, lending agreements, executive compensation, and other agreements
  • Performing internal audits
  • Making sure the company is fully aware of regulatory compliance issues and is meeting the compliance requirements

We also provide legal advice for the following types of businesses:

  • Automotive dealers. We help dealers comply with lending, privacy, and other laws.
  • Franchises. We review the franchise disclosure statement requirements and the pros and cons of franchise relationships.
  • Nonprofits. We help nonprofits obtain tax-exempt status, and encourage charitable donations and gift planning, and we advise them nonprofit on compliance and transactional issues.

No matter the type of business, we can help you handle every legal issue that may affect your company, starting with its formation.

Aggressive business litigators on your side

Our Cleveland business litigation attorneys advise business owners on steps and procedures companies can take to prevent litigation. When disputes do occur, our lawyers understand that there is a balance between getting justice and getting economic results. We strive to negotiate fair settlements but treat every dispute as though it might go to trial. We routinely represent companies in court for:

  • Contract disputes. These disputes include demands for payment and demands to deliver performance.
  • Confidentiality and non-compete clauses. Employees have the right to earn a living but they should not unfairly benefit from dishonest or unlawful practices.
  • Shareholder disputes. Our firm handles challenges by shareholders, arguments over buyout agreements, complaints by minority shareholders, deadlocks between shareholders, and any other type of shareholder complaint.
  • Wrongful termination lawsuits. When a former employee accuses your company of wrongful termination, our lawyers can help you prove that employee was fired lawfully.
  • Government compliance litigation. We defend businesses when government agencies and individuals complain that the corporation or company has failed to comply with federal and state laws on discrimination, disability, safety, privacy, taxes, and other types of regulated business conduct that is governed by laws.

At Gertsburg Law, we perform the necessary factual and legal review to defend businesses against a showing of liability when the company is being sued and to show there were no or little damages.

Speak with one of our uniquely qualified Ohio business transaction and litigation lawyers today

The attorneys at Gertsburg Law understand that companies want to focus on their business operations while meeting the legal challenges efficiently and fully at minimal cost. We are able to provide affordable, professional business counsel because of our breadth of experience, our track record of getting results, and our dedication to taking progressive approaches. To review your corporation’s or company’s business and legal goals with experienced attorneys, please contact our Chagrin Falls and Cleveland business attorneys today. Call 440-571-7777 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment.