Tough Advocacy from Cleveland and Chagrin Falls Contract Attorneys and Litigators When Agreements are Breached

Strong contract counsel to enforce the terms of contracts and collect damages in arbitrations, state, and federal courts.

Contracts are the lifeblood of every business. They are needed to hire workers, obtain real estate, determine intellectual property rights, provide internal services, satisfy customers, and much more. Contracts need to be skillfully and artfully drafted, not just to determine the conditions that each party must meet but also to determine what constitutes a breach of the contract and how contract disputes should be handled. A properly worded contract can mean the difference between an affordable arbitration and a costly court trial.

At Gertsburg Law our Cleveland contract disputes lawyers understand the remedies for contract breaches. We work with our business clients to prove, when we are the plaintiff, that the terms of the contract were not met, who is responsible, and what damages the breach caused. Our lawyers work to amicably resolve cases, but we are always ready to take a case to a trial before a judge or jury if the other party is not cooperating. Our track record includes substantial verdicts and many defense judgments when the business is being sued for a contract violation.

Types of contract breaches we handle

Our Chagrin Falls and Cleveland contract lawyers have experience litigating a broad range of contract issues. We routinely handle cases contract disputes in arbitration settings and in trial for cases involving:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership agreement conflicts
  • Consumer purchases
  • Employment
  • Real estate
  • Licenses
  • Non-compete covenants
  • Trade secrets and other proprietary information

Business contracts are complex documents. If you believe your contract has been breached, turn to our firm to get the results you need.

Business contract litigation basics

Our lawyers understand that the written contract is the starting point for resolving every contract dispute. When our client is the one to bring a claim, our lawyers work to show:

  • That the contract was properly entered
  • That consideration was given to the other side
  • That a breach occurred
  • That the breach caused our client damages
  • The amount of the damages, which can include loss of income, loss of business profits, lost value of assets, and other damages
  • That liquidated damages may apply
  • When attorney’s fees should be awarded
  • That the proper defendants are made part of the litigation
  • That the case is tried in the proper forum
  • That proper choice of law provisions are applied

When our client is the entity being sued for failing to comply with the contract, our lawyers work to show that the contract was improperly drafted, that the provisions were met by our client, that the suing party failed to perform its contractual duties, and that contractual and legal defenses (such as the Statute of Frauds) apply.

Our Cleveland and Chagrin Falls contract attorneys review many other contract issues, such as whether time was of the essence and if the contract was a contract of adhesion. We also understand the Uniform Commercial Code law, when it governs the transaction, and the corresponding duties and defenses of that law.

When the contract or Ohio law allows, we consider or even demand that disputes be handled through an alternative dispute resolution procedure such as arbitration or mediation.

Get affordable contract litigation help now

At Gertsburg Law, our Chagrin Falls and Cleveland business contract lawyers understand how easily litigation costs can spiral out of control. That is why we enter into billing arrangements that depend on our work product and achieving results instead of automatically billing by the hour. Our litigation lawyers are aggressive when they need to be but fully aware that there is a balance between winning the case years down the line and getting a fair result now. For experienced contract help, please contact our lawyers by calling 440-571-7777 or filling out our contact form.