Experienced Business Law Firm Helps Nonprofits Avoid the Pitfalls of Noncompliance

Assisting nonprofits in Chagrin Falls, Cleveland and throughout Ohio

Proper formation is only the first step in creating a nonprofit organization. Longevity requires ongoing compliance with state and federal regulations. Failure to stay in compliance can lead to the revocation of your nonprofit status and serious tax consequences. A knowledgeable Chagrin Falls nonprofit attorney provides the continuous legal support your agency needs to remain in compliance with nonprofit regulations and laws. By trusting the experienced lawyers of Gertsburg Law with your ongoing legal needs, you can rest assured that your nonprofit is receiving trustworthy guidance to maintain proper compliance.

Reliable representation for nonprofit organizations

The state of Ohio, along with the federal government, has established guidelines that nonprofits must follow in order to remain compliant and maintain an official nonprofit status. The attorneys of Gertsburg Law are well versed on these requirements. Ongoing representation from our office provides the guidance and assistance your nonprofit needs to stay in proper standing. We have helped numerous nonprofits with various regulatory requirements, including:

  • Annual state filings. Ohio requires nonprofit organizations to periodically file documentation with the Secretary of State. Charitable organizations must also provide various reports to the Attorney General’s office on an annual basis.
  • Board of Directors requirements. Ohio law requires most nonprofit organizations to maintain at least three board members.
  • IRS notifications. To maintain a tax-exempt status, the federal government requires notification when various changes take place within the organization. Nonprofits must also take precautionary measures to ensure that they are filing complete and accurate tax returns in a timely manner.
  • Record keeping requirements. Nonprofits must maintain specific records in order to maintain compliance. While some of these documents are required for state filings, others are precautionary in case of state or federal audit.

A skilled Cleveland nonprofit lawyer promotes consistent compliance with state and federal regulations. We work with our clients to create a system for timely notifications and accurately compile necessary documentation.

Helping nonprofits stay compliant

Unlike most large business law firms, Gertsburg Law provides nonprofit clients with a flexible, cost-efficient service model that fits into your organization’s budget. With alternative fee arrangement options, nonprofits can afford to maintain legal guidance from trusted Cleveland business lawyers. We strive to operate as an extension of our clients, with open lines of communication and maximum transparency. Your nonprofit is never treated as one organization on a long list of many, because we approach each client with personalized attention and respect.

Experienced Cleveland and Chagrin Falls lawyers answer your nonprofit compliance questions

Gertsburg Law’s nonprofit clients benefit from years of collective business law experience. By trusting our firm with your compliance needs, you receive valuable services that are cost-effective, transparent, and comprehensive. Trust our attorneys to keep your nonprofit informed about compliance requirements. Contact our office today at 440-571-7777 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.