Ohio Nonprofit Law Firm Provides Trustworthy Guidance Through the Formation Process

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When forming a nonprofit, many organizations depend on general practice attorneys for legal assistance. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake. A law firm with a proven track record of nonprofit success is a valuable resource during the beginning stages of your endeavor. Adequate planning and preparation now prevents major problems later. A knowledgeable Cleveland nonprofit attorney walks you through the process of properly forming a nonprofit. With the experienced lawyers of Gertsburg Law, charitable organizations receive comprehensive legal guidance they can trust.

Forming a nonprofit in Ohio

The process of forming a nonprofit includes various steps and requirements. Our firm has helped numerous organizations become official nonprofits. Some of the services we routinely provide include:

  • Planning. There is much more involved in nonprofit formation than choosing a name and filing with the state. Proper planning includes researching the need you seek to fill and developing a detailed business plan. We also assist with determining start-up costs and identifying potential funding sources.
  • Establishing a structure. Every successful nonprofit organization needs an effective board of directors. A knowledgeable Chagrin Falls nonprofit lawyer assists in identifying appropriate board members and creating an organizational structure to guide the agency’s efforts. We also help with bylaws preparation and developing a conflict of interest policy.
  • State filing requirements. Forming a nonprofit organization in Ohio requires the submission of various documents. We assist with the accurate completion of your forms and walk you through the filing process. We also counsel organization leaders about future filing requirements to promote continued compliance.
  • Securing a tax exemption status. Applying for tax exempt status is no simple feat. We help our nonprofit clients identify the most appropriate tax classification for their organizations and assist with filing the appropriate forms with federal and state revenue services.

With a commitment to community, the dedicated lawyers of Gertsburg Law appreciate the service-oriented intentions of nonprofit organizations. That is why we provide extensive guidance through the formation process.

Types of nonprofit organizations we represent

Nonprofit organizations provide a variety of services to the community. When considering formation, one size does not necessarily fit all. At our firm, we work with various types of nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Professional associations
  • Civic leagues
  • Social clubs
  • Religious organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • 501(c)(3)
  • Private foundations
  • Educational institutions

Skilled Cleveland nonprofit lawyers offer knowledgeable counsel about the different classifications of nonprofit organizations and help determine which formation type to pursue.

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At Gertsburg Law, our goal is to provide companies with a fresh approach to the traditional methods of corporate law firms. We understand the financial limitations of a nonprofit, so we offer cost-effective representation options to meet your needs. When you work with our accomplished attorneys, your nonprofit business benefits from individual attention and effective representation. Call our office today at 440-571-7777 or complete our contact form to schedule an appointment.